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Sumerian Clay Cuneiform Tablet


(ex collection Tyssen-Amherst, ex Christies) – 6.17×4.38×2.33 cm

Girsu, Third Dynasty of Ur, c. 2112-2004 B.C.

Administrative tablet of a type known as “Messenger tablet” which records a large amounts of wool.

347 talents, 44 mina of wool property of Ur-dam; 6 talents 26 mina (of wool) with the sealed tablet of Ur-Bau; 3 talents (of wool) with the sealed tablet of Lu-[…]; labor of the female weavers; [x] talents, 55 mina arrears from Sheshkalla.
Wool of (=belonging to) the governor.

There are many of this type, though there is much variations in terminology depending on which city they were produced in.

Presumably Collection Lord William Amhurst Tyssen-Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst of Hackney (1835-1909)
Presumably Christie’s Antiquities, London 6 May 1982, lot 77
Private collection, Switzerland, since 1982
Private collection, Switzerland, acquired from the above

Culture Sumerian

Material Clay

Object Cuneiform Tablet. (ex collection Tyssen-Amherst, ex Christies)

Dimensions 6.17×4.38×2.33 cm

Century/ Timeframe Girsu, Third Dynasty of Ur, c. 2112-2004 B.C.

Condition Good Condition, See Photo

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